Friday, October 13, 2006

Common Problems in XML Publisher

Common Problems in XML Publisher
1) R U New to XML Publisher
You have two different types of XML Publisher:- the one integrated with ORacle eBS- the standalone version, see link
Go thru ,XML guide provided by Oracle,It will be sufficient
In XML Publisher 5.6 has a new tab: Administration fonts can be uploaded and stored in the database instead of stored on the file system.
To install a font requires only a few steps
1. Log in as XML Publisher Administrator.
2. Navigate to Administration->Font Files->Create Font File.
3. Fields are Font Name and File. For Font Name choose any descriptive name. File will browse your PC to locate the font file.
4. Navigate to Font Mappings->Create Font Mapping Set.
5. Mapping name is the name you will give to a set of fonts.
6. Mapping code is the internal name you will give to this set.
7. Type: 'PDF Form' for PDF templates. 'FO to PDF' for all other template types.
8. Create Font Mapping (this allows you to add multiple fonts to a set).
9. Font Family is the exact same name you see in Word under Fonts.If you don't use the same name the font will not be picked up at runtime.
10. Style and weight must also match how you use the font in windows.Normal and Normal are good defaults.
12. Navigate to Configuration General-> FO Processing->Font Mapping Set. Can also be done at data def and template level under Edit Configuration. Hierarchy is Site-> Data Def -> Template.
13. Select your new mapping set.
14. Make sure the font is not referenced under File->Properties->Custom in the RTF template file.
15. Upload a template that uses your special font and test using preview.

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