Friday, October 13, 2006

Commonly Used XML Tags in Template

1) Holds the opening for-each loop for the item element.
2) Closing tag of the for-each loop.
3) The opening of the if statement to test
for the attribute value "PRIVATE".

4) Ends the if statement.
5) sort a group by any element within the group.
6) Sort Multiple Group of elements

7) To establish nested groupings within the already defined group
8)mailto:?for-each-group@cell:currentgroup(); Uses the regrouping syntax to group the data by YEAR
10) date format mask:

Variable Declaration

Use this element to declare a local or global variable.
XSL Syntax:

XML Publisher Tag:
Assigns the value "red" to the "color" variable. The variable can then be referenced in
the template.

Cell Highlighting


  • The above tag embeds native XSL code
  • The "attribute" element allows you to modify properties in the XSL.
  • The xdo:ctx component is an XML Publisher feature that allows you to adjust XSL
    attributes at any level in the template
  • To change the color attribute, you can use either the standard HTML names (for
    example, red, white, green) or you can use the hexadecimal color definition (for
    example, #FFFFF).

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