Friday, October 13, 2006

How to Get Debug XML Publisher

How to Get Debug XML Publisher ?

Setting up the debug mode for the program .In the program definition there is a debug flag Parameter, set this to 'Y'. To do this
  • Login as 'System Adminstrator'
  • Navigate to: Concurrent -> Program -> Define
  • Query up the program shortname XDOREPPB
  • Click on Parameters
  • Scroll down for "Debug Flag
  • Enable this by clicking on the check option.
  • In the Validation block, set the Default Value = Y
Create a xdodebug.cfg Under following Dir $AF_JRE_TOP/lib on concurrent manager node
add following 2 lines
LogDir=/tmp/xdodebug.err (Dir must exist in the file system)
run the concurrent program again
There will be a bunch of files in the 'LogDir' specified in the xdodebug.cfg file
Please delete the xdodebug.cfg file afterwards
Why XML Publisher and what are the advantages of XML Publisher?

In simple words, for easy generation of reports. The following are the advantages of XML Publisher:

1.Main advantage is Data separation and Presentation.
2.Rapid development of Report
3.Cost reduction
4.Control over Report Layout and High customization
5.Different presentation tools.
6.Output in the format of one’s choice.

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