Thursday, October 12, 2006

XML Publisher supports two methods for creating RTF templates:

1)Basic RTF Method
2)Form Field Method

Creating an RTF template file consists of two basic steps:

Design your template layout.
Use the formatting features of your word processing application and save the file as RTF.

Mark up your template layout.
Insert the XML Publisher simplified tags.

The Template Builder is an extension to Microsoft Word that simplifies the development of RTF templates.XML Publisher converts the formatting that you apply in your word processing application to XSL-FO.

Enter placeholders in your document using the following syntax:

There are two ways to insert placeholders in your template:
Basic RTF Method: Insert the placeholder syntax directly into your template document.
Form Field Method: (Requires Microsoft Word) Insert the placeholder syntax in Microsoft Word’s Text Form Field Options window.

Form Field Method
Use Microsoft Word’s Text Form Field Options window to insert the placeholder tags:
1. Enable the Forms toolbar in your Microsoft Word application.
2. Position your cursor in the place you want to create a placeholder.
3. Select the Text Form Field toolbar icon. This action inserts a form field area in your
4. Double-click the form field area to invoke the Text Form Field Options dialog box.
5. (Optional) Enter a description of the field in the Default text field. The entry in this
field will populate the placeholder’s position on the template.
For the example, enter "Supplier 1".
6. Select the Add Help Text button.
7. In the help text entry field, enter the XML element’s tag name using the syntax:

You can enter multiple element tag names in the text entry field.

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