Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HRMS Date Track

Date Tracking

Date Tracking is a special feature in HRMS.important dynamic information in IS HRMS is date-tracked, including information about people, assignments, payrolls, compensation, and benefits.

When you log on to IS HRMS, your effective date is always today’s date.
To view information from another date or to make future-dated changes you must change your effective date.

The two DateTrack command icons on your window toolbar are:
• Alter Effective Date
• View DateTrack History

When you update date-tracked information, you are prompted to choose between Update and Correction options. If you select Update, IS HRMS changes the record as of your effective date but preserves the previous information.

If you select Correction, IS HRMS overrides the previous information with your new changes. You cannot create a record and then update it on the same day. If you try to do this, IS HRMS warns you that the old record will be overridden, and then changes Update to Correction. This occurs because DateTrack maintains records for a minimum of a day at a time.

View DateTrack History
To see all the changes made to a datetracked record over time, use DateTrack History. Click on [Full History] if you want to open a DateTrack History folder showing the value of each field between the from and to dates.

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