Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AOL features in OM

Order Management uses the following AOL features
Document Sequences - Order Entry used Order Number Sources for order
numbering. It let you define sequences that were used to automatically
number Orders and Returns. You assigned an Order Number source to an
Order Type.

Order Management uses the AOL Document Sequences feature to meet
Order Numbering requirements. This lets you number Order and Returns
using Manual, Automatic or Gapless sequences.You can define Document Sequences using the AOL Define Document Sequences form. When you define an Order Transaction Type, the application automatically creates a Document Sequence Category of the same name. You can assign a pre-defined sequence to one or more Document Sequence Categories, using the AOL Sequence Assignments
form. When an Order is created, Order Management calls AOL Document
Sequence APIs to number the Order.

Attachments - In Order Entry you could define Notes and addition rules regarding when they were attached to an Order or Line. You had to manually choose to add the eligible Notes to the Order or Line. You could also define how the Notes were printed on various Reports. Database triggers were used to duplicate Note definition data in AOL.

Order Management drives off the AOL Attachment functionality enabling you to attach images and web pages (in addition to short or long text). It also offers multi-lingual Document capability. Attachment definition and usage data is stored only in AOL. Automatic Addition rule definitions are stored in Order Management (OE_ATTACHMENT_RULES,OE_ATTACHMENT_RULE_ELEMENTS).
In addition to the attributes
(Customer, Ship-to, Invoice-to, Order Type, Item, PO #) that were previously available, you can now define rules based on the Order Category,Line Category and Line Type.

Oracle Order Management - Sales Order
The Profile Option ‘OM: Apply Automatic Attachments’ determines
whether rule based attachments are automatically applied

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