Friday, September 28, 2007

  • How to see application version, Form shortname and version of form
    (Help) About Oracle application
  • (Help)Diagnostics ->Examine
    • Pass the apps password and investigate the value for some variable.
  • (Help)Diagnostics ->Examine ….Chose $DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD$block
  • (Help)Diagnostics ->Examine ….Chose $ENVIRONMENT$block
    • This has all primary environment variables.
  • (Help)Diagnostics ->Examine ….Chose $PROFILE$block
    • this shows all profile options given to user who is accessing the application.
  • (Help)Diagnostics ->Examine ….Chose system block…choose LAST_QUERY field
    • This will shows last query used by the form.
  • (Help) Diagnostics -> Display Database error
    • This shows any database error message.
  • (Help) Diagnostics -> Trace(checkbox)
    • The options are on and off for forms tracing. Tracing file (.trc) is put into user dump folder.

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