Friday, December 21, 2007

Auto Connect to Workflow instance and Sqlplus

1) Open the workflow Builder

2) Click on choose file

3) Select database radio button and connect to database

4) Select the item type you want to display in object Navigator

Then it loads selected Wf Item type in workflow object navigator

5) Select item type in Navigator

6) Choose file menu and click on shortcut

Then it will ask you creating short cut on Desktop click on

7) Go to desktop select the wft file right click on that go to properties

You can see the text in target box like this

C:\OraWf\bin\WFBLDR.EXE -C "apps@visr12" -E "AZNM007"

8)Change the text from C:\OraWf\bin\WFBLDR.EXE -C "apps@visr12" -E "AZNM007” to

C:\OraWf\bin\WFBLDR.EXE -C "apps/apps@visr12" -E "AZNM007" and click on ok Button

9) Finally Double click on wft file it wills automatically connected to Database

Note: Repeat same steps to SQLPLUS .

Select PLUS80w.exe go to properties change the target text box value.

Ex: C:\orant\BIN\PLUS80W.EXE apps/apps@DBNAME

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