Friday, September 26, 2008

Accessing PO Reports from INV

Some times you may Get requiremnet like running PO standard reports into Inventory

1) Login as sysadmin go To security-> responsibility-> define-> Query the Responsibility name as Inventory Super User, Vision Operations
Note down the menu name
Same as query the Responsibility name as Purchasing, Vision Operations
Note down the menu from menu box
ie : Purchasing SuperUser GUI

2) Go To Application -> menu

query the user menu Name as INV_NAVIGATE
And add the below entries like

Seq =1.1
Prompt =XX Purchasing Reports
Submenu= Purchasing SuperUser GUI
Function=Submit Requests
Description=XX Purchsing Menu

3) Save and compile menu

4) Switch Responsibility to Inventory
Identify the XX Purchasing Reports menu
Finally Run PO reports from Inv

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