Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Search Apps Documents in Google

1) The following Article shows how to download oracle apps related PPT or PDF documents in Google.
open google site in Search box type following string

"oracle applications framework" filetype:ppt
(shows only PPT files)
"oracle applications framework" filetype:pdf
(show only pdf files)
"oracle applications framework" filetype:doc
(shows only doc files)

you can found the site contains ppt ,pdf and doc file.

2) Type in searh box "sparsh site:"
You will get the pages only from site where the word 'Sparsh' is referred

3)Type in seatch Box ""
you can found a useful website and want to find other site info

4) Open
you can search only in Blogs

you search any public source code

6)Type in search box intitle:"index.of"(mp3|mp4|avi|dat|mpeg) oracle apps
you can found oracle apps related avi ,mp3 and demo video and audio files.

7)Type in seach box XML find all sites containing the word XML located within the * domain.

8)Type in seach box intitle:XML OAF BPEL find all sites with the word XML,OAF and BPEL in the title.
It is Equivalent to intitle:OAF intitle:XML intitle:BPEL

9)Type in seach box inurl: BPEL SOA find all sites containing the word BPEL and SOA.

10)Type in seach box will return documents containg one or more links to

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