Saturday, April 18, 2009

AP Payments

Oracle Paybles provides a variety of feature for fast and controlled payment processing.It is used different methods to disburse funds and also stops duplicate invoice payments.It pay only invoices that are due and automatically take the max discount availble.uses cutom payment formats and record stop payments.

Payment Methods

A printed paper remittance document that is sent to a supplier

Record of payment for invoice transferred from another entity within the company without creating a payment document

An electronic funds transfer to supplier's bank

Funds transfer initiated by contacting bank and requesting a wire payment to supplie's bank

Future Dated Payments
Payments also known as Bill of Payments are payment document that instruct the bank to disburse funds ona specific date or maturity date. 

Manual Payments
 Manual payment is payment that is created outside of oracle paybles.

1.Hand Writen Checks 
2.Wire Transfers

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