Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diff bewteen (HRMS) EIT and SIT

EIT(Extra Information Types)
This is a feature of Oracle HRMS and let you add new types of information 

1.EIT's are DFF like when we create a new segment combination one row is inserted into table.But it doesn't validate the combination exits.
2.EIT's can be attach to people,Assignment,job,position,locations and Organization.
3.The security level of EIT is more advanced than SIT.
4.Unlimited number if types of information .upto 30 segments per type.
5.Implemented using DFF's so you can add these without code changes.
6. You can define EIT's for the entries Locations,organixations,jobs,positions,people and assignments.

SIT(Special Information Types)

1.SIT's are KFF like when we create a new segment ,First system will check the combination than insert the row in a table. if  the combnation is exits will return the combination id
2.SIT'S can be attached to people,job and position.
3.Implemented using KFF's

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