Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Overview of Oracle HRMS

Oracle HRMS enables you to enter and track people recors when they apply for a job or when they leave organization.HRMS allows you to enter , maintain,report of employess information.

Business Process in HRMS

The following modules are intergrated in Oracle HRMS

1.Hiring & Deployment
3.Career Management
4.Training & Development
5.Compensation & Benefits
6.Time & Labour
7.Payroll Processiong
8.Organization & Resource Planning

Work Structure
Work structure are independent of the people who work in enterprise. and it suppots Enterprise and employee structure such as Business groups and legal entities and also contains grade structure, pyroll groups,jobs and positions.

Locations represents physical site where employees work.The location types could be  

  • Global  Availble across all BG
  • Business Group only availble in BG

Jobs and Positions
Jobs and positions to represents the different roles that a person can perform in enterprise. 

  • Job is generic role within BG
  • They are independent of ant single organization. 
  • Exists for all Organizations.

Positions is specific role or function exist in only one organization.Position includes Jobs and Organization.

  • Positions are used to show spcific posts within org.
  • Using position contril functionality  can manage positions.

Grades indicates seniority level in an enterprise

Grades and Pay
HRMS supports direct and indirect relationship between grades and Pay

Person Types in HRMS
HRMS store information about different group of peoples such as employees,applicants and people external to your enterprise.Using person Types you can restrict access to records of certain group of people

HRMS uses a unique identifier called as Employee Number to identify every employee in BG.

Business Group
Business group defines a complete set of HR data and linked with one legislative processing like payrool and benefits . But oracle HRMS come with predefined Business groups which is useful who do not intedent to use HR in Apps.

Personal Information
Every enterprise must be able to record personal information for its employee,applicants and contacts,So HRMS allow you update and report employee information.

Employee must have only one primary addres on record.But you can enter as many addresses ad mecessary for each person.Each Country has its own national address style.

By using web-based Manager Self service to enter some information like employee history,roles and employee data etc...

Employee Assignment
The assignment represents the way employee work in enterprise.The assignment is the central concept that related to the structure in which employes works.

Each assignment has employess assignment number that uniqely identifies assignment. When  employees change their locations or job these changes are dtaetracked.

Assignment stastuses


Employee Development
You can Record  work choice,relocation,preferred work hours and work schedule.

Person Types
HRMS supports with predefined set of system person types ease person typa has its own user name. These are 8 types.

  • Retiree
  • Former Spouse
  • Surviving Family Member
  • Surviving Spouse
  • Former Family Member
  • Beneficiary
  • Dependent
  • Partcipant
Terminate Employee
When employee leaves organization terminate the person record action changes the person type to Ex-Employee and automatically ends all assignments for the person.You cannot terminates an employee who has future-dated assignments.

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