Tuesday, April 07, 2009


What is PO?
PO is a lega document and it contains Items or Good information send to suppliers.

These are 4 types.

  • Standard Purchase Orders
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Contract Purchase Agreements
  • Planned Purchase Order
Standard Purchase Orders
standard purchase orders for one–time purchase of various items.you can create PO When you know the Details of material and or services ,estimate cost,quantity you require.

Blanket Purchase Agreement
This is are widely used in product manufacturing units.we can create blanket purchase agreements when you know the detail of the goods or services you plan to buy from a specific supplier in a period.You can use blanket purchase agreements to specify negotiated prices for your items before actually purchasing them.

Contract Purchase Agreements
urchase agreements with your suppliers to agree on specific terms and conditions without indicating the goods and services that you will be purchasing.

Planned Purchase Order
planned purchase order when you want to establish a long term agreement with a single source supplier with a commitment to buy goods or services.

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