Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oracle applications R12 implements Multi-Org Access control which allows the user to submit requests,enter,view and access data of different operating units without having to switch betwen responsibility.

It allows you access multiple operating units from single application responsibility.

MOAC can be achived by  setting up asecurity profile in HRMS, In HRMS there are two profile options kept for different purposes.

Benefits of MOAC

  • Transactions for multiple operating  units recorded by user without switching  Responsinility
  • Enables faster data entry for different levels of  users
MOAC Requires following responsibilities must be defined

  • Paybles
  • System administrator
  • HRMS

  1. Define security profile in HRMS
  2. Define  paybles  Responsibility
  3. Assign defines Payble responsibility to new user
  4. link the security profile to the newly created responsibility by using  profile option  MO: Security Profile
Step 1: Go to HRMS  security-> Profile
                    Name : Test MOAC in R12
Business Group : Vision Corporation
    Security Type : Security Organiztions  by organization  hierarchy and/or  organization list
      classification : Vision Operation
      classification : Vision Construction
      classification : Vision Ope (USA)

Step 2: Submit single Request set   "Security List Maintenance"
          Generate list for :  ALL Security  Profiles
          process :  Currrent People  only
         Static user  Processing : Process all Static Users

Step 3: Go to Sysadmin  Security-> Responsibility->Define
          Responbility Name : Test MOAC
          Application : Paybles
         Define Group : Standard
         Application : Paybles
         Menu : AP_NAVIGATE_GUI12
         Request Group :  ALL Reports
         Application : Paybles

Step 4: Assign "Test MOAC" Responsibility to any  User
Step 5: Goto Sysadmin  Profile->System

   Profile Option Name : MO Security Profile 
   Responsibility Testing  MOAC:Test-MOAC Feature

Step 6: Goto Test MOAC Responsibility
 Invoices->Entry Invoices

Click on Operating window... You can see four Operating units which we have assigned.

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