Sunday, June 21, 2009

Converstion Vs Interfaces

  • It is schedule concurrent Process which will be executed multiple times
  • We will not be knowing flat file Volume
  • We need to handle all the expected exceptions
  • Error Reports and sending mail alerts, If any error occurs
  • Only in Enhancement or customization projects

  • One time data transfer
  • We will be know exact falt file Volume
  • No need to know the exceptions
  • Not required to upload all records
  • Only in Implementation,Migration or up-gradation projects


Anonymous said...

hi rama,
thx it was good info...
but i would be very happy if u explain a interface or conversion package(code)...
send u r reply to

sap support packs said...

Hello Rama, Thanks for sharing the point of differences between conversion and interfaces. If you have also shared an example then it would be better to figure out and understand it easily.