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It is mechanism that allows extension of oracle applications without modification of oracle apps code.
Custom.pll let you change properties ,functionality and operation of forms.

How it works

it works by sending events from each oracle applications form to the CUTOM library, which is automatically attached at runtime.


The custom Library is availble within oracle applications that are developed in oracle forms.
The Custom library is actually a pair of files called CUSTOM.pll and CUSTOM.plx.
The plx version is a compiled version of .pll file.

Library Rules
Since there is only a single library that is shared by all forms in installation

  • You can't use SQL in the CUSTOM library except server side packages instead.
  • you can't change the specification of the CUSTOM package
  • you can't attach the PCORE library to the CUSTOM library
  • Always use FNDSQF library for function security flexfields and message procedures.
  • Don't use CALL_FORM or OPEN_FORM within the CUSTOM library, Use FND_FUCTION package instead
  • You can switch on and off dynamically by the user selecting Help-> tools->Custom code-> off option.
  • You can prevent users from being able to switch off the CUSTOM library by setting profile option Diagnostics to No

Usage of CUSTON library

There are four main ways to use the CUSTOM library .

ZOOM : A zoom opens another from and can pass parameters to opened form.

Logic for generic events: Code oracle apps logic for certain generic form events such as WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE or WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD

Logic for product-Specific events: code or replace oracle apps logic for certain product-specific events

Custom entries for the Special menu: Add entries to the Special menu for oracle Apps forms.


The CUSTOM library provides a non-invasive mechanism that allows customers to extend the application in a manageable and controlled environment

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