Sunday, July 19, 2009

GL INTERFACE Mandatory columns and Pre requisites


STATUS: This column will accept any string but we will always insert standards string called new it indicates that we are brining new data in to General Ledge Applications.

SET_OF_BOOKS_ID: We have to enter the appropriate set of books ID, it should be valid set of books id is available in GL_SETS_BOOKS table it is valid, otherwise i8t is invalid.

USER_JE_SOURCES_NAME: We have to enter the journal sources name for the transaction we can find all the valid source names in the tabled called GL_JE_SOURCES.

USER_JE_CATEGORY_NAME: We have to find out weather journal category is available in the GL_JE_CATEGORIES table. It is is available then we will insert, otherwise we will reject.

CURRENCY_CODE: We have to enter the valid currency code in FND_CURREINCES table we can find out weather it is valid or not.

ACCOUNTING_DATE and CREATION_DATE: Both columns will accept valid date but that date should be less than or equal to System date.

CREATED_BY: We have to enter valid user_id from FND_USER table we can identify weather it is valid user_id or not.

PERIOD_NAME: We have to enter valid period name and period should be in the open status from GL_PERIODS table we can find out weather it is valid period or not, from GL_PERIOD_STATUS table we can find out period is in the open status or not.

ENTERED_DR and ENTERED_CR: Both columns will accept positive number Debit and credit amount, both debit and credit should be equal otherwise account will be imported as suspense account.

GROUP_ID: We will enter unique group number while importing from interface table to base table it will be used as parameter.

CTUAL_FLAG: This column will accept single character either ‘A’ or ‘B’ or ‘E’ a- Actual amounts, B- Budget Amounts, E- Encumbrance Amounts

Pre requisites

  1. Set of books should be defined (Currency, Calendar, Chart of Accounts)
  2. Currency Conversion Rates needs to be defined.
  3. Accounting Period should be defined and also opened
  4. Source name and as well as category name should be defined.

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