Friday, October 20, 2006



HRMS support API's custome business logic we have called as 'API USer HOOKS'.This feature enable you to extend business logic means you can write your own validation rules or processing logics .there are 3 special APIS to insert ,update and delete the information.API user hooks are provided in the HRMS APIs.

There are 2 main APIS user hooks in HRMS

  • Before process.
  • After process.

Before Prcoess :Before process user Hooks execute any extra logic before the main API Processing.

After Process: After logic user Hooks execute any extra logic after all the main API validation and processing.

The HR_API_HOOKS table contains a record for each user hook in a particular API code module.this table is a child of the HR_API_MODULES Table supplied by oracle .One advantage of implementing the API user hook approach is that your extra logic iscalled every time the APIs are includes any HRMS Forms or Web pages.

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