Monday, November 06, 2006

Learn Workflow

Concept of Oracle Workflow

A workflow consists of numerous processes reprents business process flows and information.Each workflow process contains a set of activities,notifications,PL/SQL stored procedures or another sub process
Workflow Components
it contains 6 major components.
1.workflow Builder
provides a graphical user interface for creating and maintaing definations.
2.workflow Engine
is the component that executes and enforces the defined workflow process
3.workflow Monitor
Component of oracle workflow that allows you to review the state or status
4.workflow Definitions Loader
is the component that allows you to download or load workflow definitions to and from the date base or test files.
5.Notification System.
the notification mailer is a program that concurrently sends emails and receive responses.
6. workflow Directory Services
work flow Dir services is the component that identifies the directory repository.
Work flow Functions are stores in PL/SQL procedures there is a standard API format for all stored procedures
function variables.
Itemtype -->A category of items that share the same set of attributes.
itemkey--> A unique key identifier within the same item type for specific item passing
actid ---> the unique identifier of the activity that calls this stored procedure.
Result--> the result of the stored procedure can be
The format of stored procedure declaration will be
PROCEDURE your_procedure(
itemtype in varchar2,
itemkey in varchar2,
actid in number,
funcmode in varchar2,
result out varchar2) Is
in funcmode variable to execute codes that correspond to the RUN,CANCEL and TIMEOUT modes.
inside the stored procedure you must use workflow Engine APIs to communicate with workflow engine. All workflow Engine APIs present inside the WF_ENGINE package.
API'S inside the WF_ENGINE
SetItemAttrText set the value of a text item attribute.
SetItemAttrNumber set the value of a number Item attribute.
SetItemAttrDate set the value if a date item attribute
GetItemAttrInfo Get type information about an item attribute
CreateProcess create a new rntime process for an item
StartProcess Begins execution of the process.
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