Friday, January 16, 2009

XML Gateway

Oracle XML Gateway is a robust tool that enables the production and consumption of valid, well-formed XML messages between Oracle
e-Business Suite and your trading partners.XML Gateway is the core technology used for sending and receiving OAG compliant XML documents to trading partners in Oracle Exchange.

You can Download Oracle XML Gateway Online Documentation is distributed as Patch 2245414 and user guide Part number A90250-01

Oracle XML gateway software Comes along with Workflow Builder 2.6 Part number A91548-01.

The another component in XML Gate way is OTA(Oracle Transport Agent) and Hub

OTA : is used Oracle Advanced Queuing to deliver outbound and to receive inbound messages.
OTA HUB is : E-Business may be conducted directly with a business partner commonly known as a trading partner or via a hub, such as Oracle Exchange, where many buyers and sellers converge to conduct electronic commerce.

OTA server is a Java based servlet that uses the Transport Agent Messaging Protocol to delivers and receives XML messages using SMTP, HTTP or HTTPS protocols .we have to configured OTA manually

The XML Gateway Execution Engine interfaces with Oracle Workflow to actively notify the XML Gateway system administrator regarding system or process errors, or the Trading Partner contact for data errors.

XML Gateway Supports following Sources, data Types and queues.

  • Source RDBMS to Target XML

  • Source XML to Target RDBMS

  • Source XML to Target XML



  • DATE


  • CHAR


ECX_INBOUND Inbound Message Queue:
Holds all messages that enter the process through the Transport Agent, or are placed directly on the queue by an API.

ECX_OUTBOUND Outbound Message Queue:
XML Gateway enqueues all outbound messages that it formatted on this queue.

ECX_IN_OAG_Q Inbound Transaction Queue:
Holds inbound messages that originated from the ECX_INBOUND queue, then enqueued on this queue by Oracle Workflow.

WF_ERROR Workflow Error Queue:
For errors detected by XML Gateway or WF BES.

  • Following command is used to delete a DTD from an XML Gateway Repository.

···java DeleteDTDFromClob DB username DB password Hostname:Port:SID mydtd.dtd
···RootElementName Location
  • This command to load Message Map into the XML Gateway Repository.

···java LoadMap DB username DB password Hostname:Port:SID mymap.xgm
···Ex: java LoadMap operations welcome mymap.xgm
  • Command to delete Message Map from the XML Gateway Repository

java DeleteMap DB username DBpassword Hostname :Port:SID mapcode
Ex: java DeleteMap operations welcome mapcode


Anonymous said...

Hi Rama..I am totally new XML gateway stuff..I have to create a custom JMS queue which can hold xml message. Can you please tell me the steps i have to follow.What is that i have to code??

Shailaja said...

Hi totally new to XML Gateway..I have to create a custom JMS queue which can hold xml message. How can i achieve this? can you please guide me through this??

nerdletta said...

you briefly stated "we have to configured OTA manually". Oracle Transport Agent requires very little, if any, manual configuration out the the box and should, at the very least, allow instant functionality in a test instance. There are definitely settings that can be modified (such as wait time) but the OTA servlet should not require configuration for baseline functionality.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with XML Gateway, can you elaborate as to the circumstances under which you had to configure OTA manually and the steps you had to take?

Thank you

Meg Hanson
Oracle XML Gateway Consultant

DevR said...

We are trying to test our BPEL process that relates to processing inbound PO data (EDI 850)
to pass it to the Oracle XML Gateway.
We created a new R12 DB connection (R12A) in the JDeveloper to connect to the Oracle E-Biz Release 12 instance.
In the BPEL process that accesses the Oracle Applications (XML Gateway partner link),
when I try to connect to R12A, I got the following message:
"Adapter could not find irep data file corrosponding to R12A database in your current
workspace.... Do you want to proceed with creation of the irep data file
I clicked "Yes". Then, I got the message "Irep file created successfully".
When I clicked OK, I get the following error msg..
"The queue APPS.ECX_INBOUND cannot be found. The database connection user may not have
priviliges to access this queue. Specify a differnet queue name or go back and
select a differnt connection".
It looks like it is looking for the database connection user (APPS in this case) to have appropriate grants. Not sure what
grant APPS should have for the AQs.
Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
- Dev

Anonymous said...


what is the ota servlet to receive

Anonymous said...
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