Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Types of Holds in AP

There are 3 types of  holds in Account Paybles

1.Manully Holds
2.System Holds
3.Invoice Holds
4.Schedule Payment Hold
5.Supplier Hold

We can apply Holds on invoices,schedule payments and supplier sites.It will Prevent you generating a Payment referencing that invoice.

Manul Hold
Also called as User Defined Holds, manul Holds needs be released Manully  cannt be released automatically.

System Holds:
If paybles appalied hold on invoices you need to rectify the hold before released.

Invoice Hold
You have apply the Hold on invoices from invoice hold window.

Schedule Payment Hold.
Holds the payment as part of invoice

Supplier Hold
we can apply the hold on all payment, unapproved invoice and unmatch invoices in supplier site window

Manual Holds must be released manually.
System holds (invoice Holds, supplier Holds and schedule paymwnt holds) automatically released by Account Paybles.

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