Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Working with AP invoices.
Oracle paybles allows you the end user work and enter with different types of invoices.

1.Standard Invoice
2.Purchase Order Default
3.Credit Memo
4.Debit Memo
5.Quick Match
8.Withholding Tax

Standard Invoice
This is Basic invoice that indicates payment due to supplier for good and service purchased.

Credit Memo:
This is -Ve amout invoice which is received from supplier for goods and services .This can be in Price correction tool.

Debit Memo:
It indicates Credit amount which the supplier owes you. This document generated by paybles and it sent to the Supplier.

PO Default:
While entering invoice enables you match invoice against PO. The PO information automatically copied  Supplier related information from PO to Inovice.

Quick Match : 
Allows you Match invoices against shipment or receipt lines in PO

Mixed :
Allows you enter Order quantity against Purchase order and invoices.

Prepayment : 
Enables you enter an Advanced Payment for expenses to Employees or suppliers.

Withold Tax: 
To remit Taxs Invoice withheld  from TAX authority.

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