Monday, May 04, 2009


A single installation of any Oracle Applications product to support any number of business units, even if those business units use different sets of books.Support any number of operating units within a single installation of Oracle Applications.

Multi-Org is an applications server-side enhancement that enables multiple business units in an
enterprise to use a single installation of Oracle Applications.

Organization Model
The Multi-Org model provides a hierarchy that dictates how transactions flow through
different business units and how those business units.

Business Group  (HR)
Set of Books  (GL,FA)
Legal Entity
Operating Unit (AP,PO,AR,OE.. )
Inventory Organization (INV,MFG, SHIP..)

Business Group 
For Every New installation must have one Business Group, The Business group partitions Human Resource information and  Purchasing  Approval Hierarchy

Set of Books
A set of Books (SOB) is a financial reporting  entity that shares the 3 Cs.Oracle General Ledger secures ransaction information bty set of books. When you choose a responsibility that specific a set of books

Legal entity
Legal entity represents a legal company for which you prepare fiscal or tax reports.

Operating Unit
Operating unit represents an organization that  uses oracle subledger application (OE,AP). It may be sales office,division, or department.OU is associated with legal entity information secured by OU

Inventory Organization
An inv organization represents an organization for which track inv transactions and balances, and manufactures or distributes products (Warehouses,Distribution centers and Sales offices)

Balancing Entity
This is an entity for which you prepare a balance sheet represented as balancing segment value in the account FF.

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