Friday, May 22, 2009

Workflow API'S

Oracle workflow API's are grouped as Below.

1)Engine API'S
These are used for starting process , communication attribues information and state changes.
2) Core API's
    Used for Rasing and catching error's.
3)Pure API's
    used for Purging absolute runtime data
4) Directroy API's
     used for Communication directory services.
5)Notification API's
  Managing  Notifications
6)Monitor API'S
 Generating workflow  Monitor URL's
7) Prefernce API's
   used for getting user Preference Information.
8) Queue API's
  Handling Workflow Advanced Queue Processing information.
9) Business Events
 Managing Business Event Information.

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sap pp said...

This is wonderfully written post. This gives you introduction about requisition and what are its various types.Its also explain its uses and benefits.After reading you surely understand this concept very well. Thanks for the post.