Friday, June 19, 2009

PO Requisition

Requisition is one of the purchasing document will be crated by employers when ever they required goods or services or training, we will find 2 types of requisitions.

Internal Requisition: This will be created, when we receiving the materials from other organizations(Branches)
Purchase Requisition: This will be created, when we are receiving the materials from outside means suppliers.
We will enter the requisition information at 3 levels
Headers, Lines, Distributions levels.
One header will be there at least one line multiple line we create for every line at least one distribution or multiple distributions will be there.
Open the requisitions form – Requisitions – Requisitions and enter. Select the requisition type at header level enter item details at line level (item Name, quantity, price and need by date) select bistributions buttion enter distribution details like quantity and account details and save the transactions.
Select approve button press OK system will send the document for approval.
Go to requisition number select find button, it will show requisition approved status.
Cancel the Requisition: Open the requisition summery form enter requisition number select find button go to tools menu select option called ‘Control’ and chose the option as cancel requisition.

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This is wonderfully written post. This gives you introduction about requisition and what are its various types.Its also explain its uses and benefits.After reading you surely understand this concept very well. Thanks for the post.