Friday, June 19, 2009


It is one of the purchasing document after requisition is approved. And it supports 3 types of RFQs.

Bid : If company is going to purchase large number of items which are expensive. We will create bid RFQ where we will specify Headers, lines and shipments, where we are not specify any price breaks in Bid RFQ.

Catalog : If company is purchasing materials regularly fixed quantity location and date, then we will select regularly we can include price breaks at different levels.

Standard : This will be created for items we need only once or not regularly, we can include price breaks at different quality levels

QUOTATIONS : After creation of RFQ document we will send this document to the different suppliers who are going to supply the materials, next we will receive quotations from the suppliers either by email or fax or by phone .

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This is good news that your contract is approved. Three types of RFQ's are explained in this post. All three are written in simple language and well described. The definition and purpose is very clear with this post. Thanks for this information.